Green Umbrella

Green Umbrella systems are designed to cut labor, cut downtime and cut environmental impact. Our systems and treatments are innovative and easy to implement to create and maintain sustainable, durable concrete surfaces.

@EarlyAge Concrete

Green Umbrella’s architectural concrete floors provide a solid, durable surface with versatile surface-design options such as aggregate exposure, surface appearance, and color. Providing a more sustainable option by elimination of off-gassing, highly reflective surfaces (if desired), and the longest product lifecycle of conventional floors. Additional benefits are lowering lighting, heating, and cooling costs while reducing construction waste. Architectural concrete floors are also economical due to reduced construction downtime, a lower initial and maintenance cost, and provide an immediate value-engineered design. An element of design that is versatile, sustainable, and economical.


@MatureAge Concrete

A system approach solution is at the core of Green Umbrella’s approach to Architectural concrete. With so many components possible on each concrete project, we have made the complex simple by creating Architectural Concrete Systems of complementary treatments. We are able to reduce the number of products needed, and eliminate issues common to the industry.



Almost all cleaners available on the market are not designed for concrete. Some will degrade the surface or create an unsafe surface for workers. Green Umbrella's line of cleaners is designed to not only clean concrete surfaces but to reinforce the surface as well. Creating sanitary, slip-resistant and sustainable concrete flooring.


Concrete Densifiers

Green Umbrella densifiers are formulated concrete hardeners and densifiers that cuts environmental impact. Reaching deep into the subsurface, they create more than a conventional shell surface. The unique formulation is insoluble, fully reactive, and pH neutral—resulting in a bond within the concrete that is harder, denser, and less porous while allowing maximum penetration of concrete colorants.



Green Umbrella equipment has been engineered or selected to achieve our mission to cut labor, cut downtime and reduce environmental impact. Our Green Burnisher is designed with the weight and speed necessary to maintain concrete flooring.

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