Helping commercial contractors protect their substrates and reduce costs.

About Pro-Tem Solutions


What We Do

We provide a cutting-edge set of products for reliable temporary surface protection against construction site damages. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce Skudo and SlabArmor™ to the construction industry to help commercial contractors protect their substrates and reduce costs.


Our Commitment

We are committed to offering industry-leading, innovative solutions to help contractors overcome tough surface protection challenges.

Pro-tem Products

Skudo's visionary, reliable set of temporary surface products offer protection against construction site damages. Unlike casually laid cardboard, wood, and plastic materials, all of Skudo's products easily adhere to the surface for temporary protection. When done, you simply peel off to remove—leaving your surface clean and free of damage.

For over 75 years MQ Whiteman has been globally recognized as the leading flat floor placement and finishing company. They've recently expanded their line of products with a "revolutionary group of environmentally-friendly chemical solutions." MQ SlabArmor™ Concrete Solutions have forever changed the way concrete is placed, finished, and maintained.

How to Apply

Skudo products each are applied to temporarily adhere to the surface they are protecting, while SlabArmor’s products are applied with power trowel technology.

Surface Types

Skudo and SlabArmor’s products can be used to protect or enhance a variety of surfaces and applications.


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